GPU baker from Luos (out of memory)

Hello, I have question. I’m using the GPU baker from Luos with 4.26.1 I have simple scene not so very complicated at all. But i’m running gtx150ti+4gig and 12 gigs mem. windows 10, but
my ssd is full only 2 gb left … not much!! When I do lightbake (Production) I’m getting out of memory report. Would a larger SSD help? What causing this… my lightmap uc are not extreme 64 128,256,512. Thanks.

If you’re using GPU lightmass, then your entire scene (including textures) needs to fit in VRAM. 4GB is pretty easy to fill up, which is what I’m guessing is happening.
I got a lot of good info from this thread:

12GB isn’t that much RAM either, but you could switch to CPU lightmass, and see if you can bake without a crash. If you’re still running out of memory, you might be able to use virtual memory (swap) to compensate a bit, but this will be REALLY slow. That’s the only situation where more space on a fast drive would help.

You should probably look at freeing up some space anyway, since 2GB free on a Windows 10 machine sounds very unhealthy, but that’s a different discussion…

Thank you Scribbler It makes sense now. It was all working fine untill I added some small mesh assets. Perhaps I hit the limit of my videocard :frowning: I did try t strip down the scene alot, but that also didn’t do the trick. Thanks for you’re help once more. cheers decorix