Got bullets in FPS Template to Replicate - but client can't shoot up and down

So as you can see from the code, I simply modified it so that all the code is run through a custom event that is set to run on the server. Everything works great - the client and server can both fire and see each other’s bullets. However, only the server can aim and fire up and down. When the client fires, the bullets only fire straight and not up and down. This makes no sense to me. I made all the variables replicated, but no luck. What am I missing? Thanks!

And if I make it so that it doesn’t run on the server, the client can freely fire up and down, but the bullets don’t replicate. So something about the up and down axis movement isn’t being replicated. But then again, I don’t think it’s a replication issue, because when the server is set to run this code, the client (even on client side) can only fire straight.

I’m having the same issue.

I had the same issue. Any luck finding a solution? Also, my client sees projectile spawning off from where the server sees them. On the client they appear further to the right than they should. On the server they spawn exactly where they should. Just like in your case, making the fire function run locally instead of RunOnServer works fine (obviously no replication).

Same issue, no solution yet.

This is what I found helps when looking online for hours! The custom event at the top needs to be set to multicast!

Need to use “Get Control Rotation” on the server in place of camera. Cam will not have a valid rotation only location.

Controller → get control rotation → forward vector

Here’s an example for a line trace setup.