Got a really Weird Issue with pickup actors.

I have a full body VR setup I created in the past , and decided to rework the thing to a way more advanced setup.
I have 2 motion controllers in the character Bp with there own collision spheres and duplicated the default Vr pickup actor code / functions one for each hand to get up and running. Everything works fine But I have this really annoying issue that I cant seem to track down.
When I pick up the pickup cube and then drop it ,. And then grip The cube returns to the hand.

I have ran some debugging to confirm if the attached actors are no longer valid when I release the grip and they are Not Valid.
I also disabled simulate physics on the cube when released to make sure it wasn’t just simulating when I released, & was still attached, and it stayed in world space where I release it.
All my code is identical to the default setup so I’m struggling to find the problem.
The only thing that kinda worked was clearing the nearest overlapping actor variables for the hand that released. but then I am unable to pick it up again.

Anyone got a clue what It might be