Got a pretty bad landscape problem - stretching and tearing at seams

So, I have 2 spots on my landscape that are just going nuts. the 1 spot is not too bad but this one is horrid. I have no clue how it happened but I have tried using the retopo tool and get nothing, i’ve tried all the tools on it to try and see what might happen. The landscape is divided into squares and when the lighting is not build you can see these seams, along this one it actually is stretched into a curve for some reason. You can see the curve in the picture and I’m sure if it where to straighten out that this might go away.

only info i can think of - There is no heightmap, it is all hand sculpted. I am using a layer blend setup in the material. I was not pushing or pulling the terrain to an extreme, just small normal sculpting. If there is something more that might help just let me know.

Has anyone had this problem? if so, does anyone know how to fix this?

There sure is a heightmap. You sculpted it :slight_smile: You probably mean you did not import one :wink:

How does the tear behave whn you sculpt the terrain. does it move along or stays “pegged”?
Have you played around with the landscae resolution?
It could be a weird interpolation artefact from a combination of terrain sculpting, terrain resolution and material layer information at just that location… Stranger things have happened…

lol yes, I did not import one:) The tear moves along with it, it stays in place but will move with the sculpt, the retopo did straighten it a tiny bit but stopped where the picture is. I will mess with the resolution and see. Thanks

If this bug only happens when lighting is not rebuilt, what happens when you select your directional light and switch it to a different lighting type and back? Ie, if the light was stationary, make it static then stationary.

Okay, so I built the lighting and this tear/seam is still there and looks like the picture above. I moved the lights around, changed it from static to all the other settings. Tried the retopo and sculpt but nothing will get rid of this. It looks to be like it has something to do with the actual landscape and not the lighting itself. I have this level pretty close to finished and have no idea what to do about this :frowning: If anyone finds any info or ideas please let me know! If you need more info just let me know. Thanks.

If it was me, I’d first make a backup of the level (to be safe), then whilst in manage mode simply delete the problem component area and re-add and paint again…one component shouldn’t take too long to re-do and it’s an awful lot better than re-doing the entire landscape…

Out of curiosity though, are your graphics settings to epic?

I actually just tried that and it did not fix the problem. it just remade it. I am going to try deleting the entire area “both sides of the landscape” then adding them back but i doubt it will fix it.
I really have no clue with this one,

Okay, so. I deleted both sides of the seam where the tear was and then re added them and this seems to have fixed the problem. It did mess up all the painting and sculpting i did but with some time I can fix all of that. it’s going to set me back a few days but it’s better than losing the entire level.

This seems to be the only solution i found to this problem.