GoogleVRMotionController in 4.15, motion controller event ?

with the new integration of Google Daydream in version 4.15, I updated my project from the google branch 4.14.3

The visualization of the gesture laser, intersection test, all of these are working.
However no events are catched from the motion controller to detect pressed buttons…

MotionController(L) Shoulder
MotionController(L) Thumbstick

MotionController(R) Shoulder
MotionController(R) Thumbstick

Did one of you experience such trouble ?

Everything runs perfectly with the google branch…


I reply to myself but anyway. Google might have fixed it in their github branch 4.15.
I guess that we can expect to get this issue fix in 4.16

Buttons work perfectly for me… Are you using motion controller facebuttons? 1-4?


My issue is appending at launch time in the first level. I need to flip/flop the phone in the daydream helmet to “activate” properlly the controller
Then everything is fine, but it is quite weird to go the daydream navigation menu, select the app, open the daydream helmet to flip the phone…
and then everything is ok.

I just tried the google vr4.15 branch but the problem remains.

Maybe that my Vrpawn component is not set properly