Google VR180

Hi, does anyone know how to display VR180(from lenovo mirage camera) stereo footage in UE4 google VR ?
What type of mesh should i project the VR180 footage to ?

Bump – also hoping for help with this one.

I’m also curious how to do this…,

It’s been a YEAR! How is there no help on this topic? VR180 is such a lost opportunity for the VR community. Google has completely abandoned their customers on this.

I don’t have the answers, but I have a few assumptions which might help. You could convert the videos and photos to something other than the standard VR180 format to something like SBS or OU. Look into other posts or tutorials which show how to properly bring in SBS or OU 180 video/photos.

I have a ton of material I’ve shot with my Lenovo Mirage camera, and I’m very disheartened by the lack of support from Google and Lenovo, and the wider VR community in general. The VR180 format for both video and photos leave a lot to be desired. Good luck with making this work. Looking forward to trying, myself, once I get through some basic UE tutorials and get my toes wet developing.