[Google VR] Was the Project really packaged?


I was following along with this tute:
I ran the codeworksforAndroid. I noticed a USB error with the install portion but ignored it, seeing that my Unity had no USB issues, perhaps Unreal would find whatever it needed to get going.

I then created a project and packaged it for Android (ETC1)

I open the console and watched the words fly by and noticed a few thing that might be of concern but just let it continue (it took longer than I anticipated)

I then heard a little beep indicating the APK had been built. I don’t think it was? I didn’t see it on my phone and I see 2257 instances of APK on my computer.

Does anyone know where it might be?

Also, I noticed while I was looking at the editor, it seemed to lightly flicker. I attributed that to a weak video card. I didn’t think that would have any bearing on my main issue?

Thanks for any help.