Google VR in UE4

Hello CBMP I attached my pawn here - controller and laser appear and run on my pixel. This is for the Daydream, correct?

Did you double check your plugins and settings?

Did you try recreating a new pawn from scratch?

Perhaps get rid of the VRRoot and VRCamera Root and put the Camera and Controller on the same level?

When you simulate, your pawn should automatically add a few components, try simulating and see if it creates those components.

Good luck!

Glad there is progress! C++ is outside the scope of my knowledge - hopefully, someone else can jump in or you can resolve it with this new development.

Good luck again!

Nothing special about it - enabled plugins, did everything necessary to package for android, and created a pawn with GoogleVRMotionController and a Camera under a scene root.

The Widget, Widget1, Test, and Check are all just widgets I wanted to appear as time progresses and the VRPointerInput interacts with them. Or else it was supposed to - I never got it to work. Put it into the ‘look into this later’ and moved on. I was mainly doing it as a proof of concept!


Can someone help me set up Google VR motion controller, I have managed to set it up correctly in another version of UE4 but after couple months away I tried the newer version of Unreal using the same steps and it does not show up, not even in the preview.

It packages Ok and runs on the phone but the Google eMotion Controller does not show it, I have it all set up on a pawn correctly

Any help?

I really do not understand it is all setup correctly and I can even recenter the view with the emulator on my phone but it just won’t be visible, am I doing something wrong here?

Right we getting somewhere now… I created fresh pawn with just a camera and Google VR motion controller tried to simulate and this happened

(I am guessing its something to do with the plugin but it’s definitely checked and loaded)

Anyway you can quickly run through your setup i think it may be different to how i did it a couple months back :open_mouth: