[Google VR] How can I create a static object that covers cardboard vision

What I am trying to achieve is an object that fits, exactly, the dimensions of the output of a google vr project. But also, I would like to attach that object to the vision so when you turn your head, the image follows.

This may seem like a backwards thing to do but let me exaplain why;

I have used this plugin created by ZkarmaKun:

What it does is designates an object in your project to display your android camera as a dynamic texture on the object.
I want to attach the camera result onto an object that is physically attached to the player view like UMG for example.

One more thing to add, I would like to be able to use UMG in between the camera and this object.

I assume this has been asked before. If it has, does anyone have some documentation for exact dimensions of the lens UE4 gives a Google VR project?