Google VR Android 21 restricted

Is there’s a real reason why GoogleVR plugin is restricted to android 5? The most of the user base still have android 4 and i would like to build my cardboard project to include this auditory. There’s no way to do it?

That’s because Daydream is for Android 7 only. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they lock it to 7 soon.

Well, i’ve managed to get Nival cardboard plug-in to work, but it works only in 4.11 version of engine and it’s still based on simpleHMD plug-in. I was hoping, maybe 4.13 version of VR plug-ins is capable of using the wide cardboard support, but it seems like it’s not.
I’ve seen OSVR wanted to add cardboard support, maybe they will manage to implement it into UE…