Google play asset delivery (pad)

Can you explain to me how play asset delivery works? That is, I followed the “recipe” on the forum and I easily managed to create the bits of pak files, but now I can’t figure out how to merge the aab file with the pak files … In order to post them on developer playstore . Thank you.

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The idea is to enable the google PAD plugin and then just package the project as .aab and upload only the .aab file to play console.

Now when you do that you may come across the dreaded error that i am facing which is when you do internal testing in play console and download the app via play store the xapk validation error appears and i am struggling in how to solve it right now.

Do you have a solution for this problem? Iam facing exactly the same problem …

Yea i did manage to solve it but unfortunately dont remember exactly how.

All i know is i played around with some project settings under Android and Google PAD plugin and also maybe tried deleting the intermediate and build / binaries folder.

I wish i wrote down the solution in a log somewhere… Good luck.

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For any user who gets a XAPK Error after the AAB Activation and / or wanna export AAB Files, i did a tutorial how you can do this - its in german, but just follow my steps and you are good to go :slight_smile:

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Hey buddy thanks a lot for the video. Its good timing because i was debugging my project by moving folders around and at the end of it i got the above error again and forgot how to fix it…

Your fix worked for me. Thanks a lot.

PS: Its weird seeing my name in the video… i feel like a celebrity now haha.

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I just opened a topic about PAD plugin and in specific On-Demand Mode:

Can you please tell me if you know how it works?

Glad to hear that it worked for you! :smiley: