Google Earth terrain pixelising

Hi all. I may have a noob question I cant get right. I want to create a level of a real island which I got at 8000px res from Google earth. I need this jpg to be painted on as a texture over my landscape so I can geographically start build over the Google Earth pic. The texture has more than enough pixels but when I paint it on the terrain it’s a pixel block nightmare and I can’t see any detail.

On a normal plain this obviously works but I really need it onto the island which the main shape is already done with the water plug in.

How can I increase this resolution to see what I’m doing in the viewport?

Thank you for your help!

You cannot.

You can move the camera away from the terrain and go into ortho view.

Hopefully if all the island is visible on screen, the resolution will somewhat match the original image, and you’ll be able to see things a bit more clearly.

Zooming In from there you’ll be dealing with pixels regardless.

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