Google Cardboard on Android phone and Skecthup import. Problems - Unreal Engine 1.19 and 2.22

Hello All
I only just started playing around with Unreal Engine. I tried to get started with a Google Cardboard Project.

I followed the example of the quick start guide.

I used Unreal Engine 2.22.1
Unfortunately the result on the phone keeps crashing.

Looking through the forums I found suggestions, that there is something wrong in the newer versions and that version 1.19 works.
So I installed version 1.19.2
Following this version the results on the phone seems to work.

So as my next step, I used Datasmith to import my Skecthup model.
It seems that the Datasmith of 1.19 looses the Sketchup textures.
Importing the model with the 2.22 imports the model with all the textures.

So I have the problem:
Version 2.22 properly imports my model, but doesn’t do the Cardboard.
Version 1.19 does the cardboard but doesn’t import my model.

Is there a way to save a 2.22 project to 1.19 so it can be opened there.
If not the whole project, can the model with textures be moved from new to old version.

Or has anyone found a solution to get the cardboard export working in 2.22

Any suggestions would be welcome