Google Cardboard + Leap Motion for making a Cakes game

Recently I was inspired by a VR game released from last year called “Counter Fight”, a serious game with HTC Vive for running a ramen shop.

So, I am Plainning to make a game similar to it by using Unreal 4.13.3.
Moreover, I want the game can play by many people without the limitation of expensive hardware such as Oculus or Vive, that’s why I choose Google Cardboard and Leap Motion.
Computer (Unreal + TrinusVR) with Leap Motion + Google Cardboard (TrinusVR app)

However, I am a newbee to Unreal 4, and I don’t even very good at Blueprint. I wondring is there any tutorial suitable to the list at the bottom.

After watch the video requirements in this game

  1. Items pick up and release by Leap Motion
    2.Better way to stream from Computer to Mobile rather using Trinus VR
    3.Items repawn and destroy

Please help me to find the implementation for making this game, and how can I make the particle simulation for cake’s “Fresh Cream”