[Google Cardboard]How to do split screen stereo rendering on mobile devices

Hey, guys,
Could anyone please tell me how would you do split screen stereo rendering on mobile devices without using any VR devices?
We want to render the game in VR mode so we could use google glassboard or other cheap vr devices .
I know how to do it in Unity, but I couldn’t find how to enable such feature with UE4.
Please help!
Thanks in advance.

Bumping this post, would love to know this also.

There is a project that someone put together, you can find it at github

Great news, official Google Cardboard support seems to be coming to the engine!

See here:

It looks like the existence of a new “AndroidVR” (Google Cardboard) plugin was leaked in the breakdown of the latest 4.12 Preview 3 release notes.

This note has since been pulled.

It is slated that the Google Cardboard SDK will be relaunched as AndroidVR this coming Google IO.

From the looks of it, AndroidVR looks to be a collaboration of sort between Epic Games and Google.


Some different unofficial workarounds to try out for now:


  2. “Unreal Engine 4 supports all the major devices and you don’t need to perform any hassle to setup your project for VR. Just make sure that the correct plugins are loaded for your HMD under Edit > Plugins.”
    From there find “Virtual Reality” category fromenable “basic HMD” plugin (stereo quality is quite bad)
    After that “Play game as” Menu in Unreal Engine will have non-grayed out Virtual Reality (stereo) mode (where you normally can choose Play In Editor or Stand Alone mode, etc)

  3. Community Plugin for Cardboard (not sure if its updated/works)
    GitHub - ludenio/UE4Cardboard: Not official UE4 plugin for very basic support of the Cardboard lik

  4. Cardboard - Android Development - Unreal Engine Forums
    by DRob

that is all just about “stereo” mode, controlling using sensors is not supported, probably.