Good way to save values tied to objects in a save game?

Hi, I’m making a game with some friends and in it I have a system setup so that when you walk into a trigger enemies get spawned. I have tons of these triggers placed throughout the game, and I have a boolean value that says whether they’ve been cleared or not. What is a good way to save the states of these spawn triggers with savegames?

Logically what I want to do is have a dictionary cached somewhere and then have some id for these objects, like their name or an integer and then use that id to find the object again when the game loads up. That way I can just save a list of the cleared ids in the save game. But, since I’d have to build out that logic in C++ before making a blueprint it seems undesirable. The other idea I had was just to store a list of the names of the spawn triggers a played has cleared in the saved game. But from what I can tell UE4 doesn’t have an easy way in blueprints to find an object by name

TL DR, what is the best way to store the states of objects in a level in a save game. I’m definitely willing to use C++ if it’s a significant improvement in performance/functionality