Good Sky + Directional Light = bug?

Hello everyone.

I am building on UE 4.27 and using the Good Sky plugin. I have an issue that I am hoping someone here can help me out with.

Basically, when I add my directional light in the Sky beta to ensure the lightsource moves with the time of day, I 1) can’t adjust the time of day in the details menu. It is permanently stuck at 7.587884. Yes, when I set the time and play, the sun moves along the path as it should, but I can’t actually change the time manually.

  1. I can’t change the sky effect to Sun/Stars/Moon. It is locked at Sun/Stars only, so when my scene moves to night there is no moon present.


Has anyone else used this plugin and has overcome this issue? Cheers in advance.

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I have the same thing.

I assume it’s because you either want to set the light yourself, or let the asset do it.


Heres my workaround that i use

images show me zooming in on location so you know what the heck to change

i just opened the goodsky BP and traced what it was doing, noticed it sets the sky mesh to “sun stars” so i just changed what it was setting it to be “sun stars moon”

the moon is stationary but im sure there’s some kinda way to fix this aswell just haven’t been bothered yet cuz this took me way to long to fix

simply change the highlighted field to be sun stars moon material

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