Good looking water (jungle water)

Hey guys, can someone direct me to a water shader that looks decent?
I can’t seem to get good looking water somehow. It doesn’t need to be super physical accurate.
For reference I’m looking for water that kind of looks like in this link.

It can be muddy looking as well don’t really mind.

Anyone knows something?

There are some water shaders that you can copy or use as starting points in this sample project and a few others. There are also a lot of great tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through making water step by step if you want to do that.


The best thing I would say would be to download the water plane examples that can be found by clicking on the learn tab of the launcher. Within them you can change color and ripple settings pretty easily using the supplied blueprints. The Lake water would be best unless it has to be translucent. If you want to add anything like mud or algae, I would blend the two materials and using something like perlin noise for the blend alpha.