Good enough for development?

Hi guys and girls,

I’m wanting to get in to VR development and am looking at HTC’s Vive bundle. its the bare minimum spec PC bundled with the Vive for £1,250 which is a very appealing price but…
Would this machine be good enough for VR development in UE4?

Its an i5 6400 with 8gb ram and a Radeon RX480 card.

So, has anybody been tempted by this? tried it? developed on a similar spec machine?

I know its all upgradable and bigger is better but for now I need something that’s going to work right out the box!

Thanks for any feed back on this.


I think this configurations should work just fine but I would add more RAM.

Thanks for the feedback, I think that (the ram) would be my first upgrade, then at some point one of the Nvidia 10** cards!
Is anybody developing for VR on this sort of spec though?


Depends on few factors regarding the games you’d be doing with this. Personally I’d put it low to mid spec as far as VR is concerned.

From what I’ve read online etc the GPU seems to be the main muscle in a VR setup so the low to mid spec I can probably live with for now knowing that the GPU and Ram can be upgraded at a later date.

Thanks for the help though guys. There’s so much differing hardware out there it’s difficult to know what exactly your getting nowadays.


Bundles aren’t my thing. I always preferred to just pick whatever suits my needs best, instead of going with bundle I’d just search for some desktop setup with NVIDIA 10 series GPU, 1060 will run most of the games on the market with mid settings.