Goldeneye 64 UE4. Replicating The N64 Game With A Little Extra.


A New Face Texture I Used For Natalya. On The Left Hi-Res & Right Lo-Res Of Same Picture But Made It Look More Like The Original GE64 Style Textures (The Original Natalya Really Doesn’t Look Like Her ;))

Really cool!

Cannot wait to see more! :slight_smile:

Yes please!


I played the hell out of this game… I had to have been… 10?

I might be able to help on the level expansion front if you’re interested.

Same here! Just don’t do it again. I played it again recently for the first time in a very long time, it completely ruined every good memory I had of it.
It was dreadful to play now that we are used to more modern games. Some games don’t age well.

I’ve been playing it as I needed to rip the models and I think it’s as good as it ever was :slight_smile: Yeah it don’t play like farcry 4 in terms of movement & AI but it’s old. That’s the point of this, having the same look and feel but more smoother natural gameplay & soldiers who don’t aimlessly roll on the floor and take 5 minutes just to aim at you.

Anyone wanna hop on just add paulphoenix85 on skype.

I have very low standards as I hardly ever play any AAA games, but I just couldn’t stand the controls. Games such as Unreal Tournament 99 ages better I think, it’s two years younger though,

Sure thing! What would you like to do? I’ve got all the levels ripped into fbx, just need to get them all together in UE4. I know i should know this but all the textures look shiny and plastic in game, in the texture blueprints what do i need to change them too? I mean metal is obviously gonna be shiny but what about rough roads and paths?

“You know James… I was always better”

Goldeneye… This one I played a lot for such a long time. Great game.

Awesome work!

Added a really rough video of Facility & Runway together. The textures seemed to go crazy on the Runway building… There’s also some wrong textures especially in the bottling room, wasn’t sure how to separate them, maybe just added some shapes over and add textures like that?

The cheats were great…I dont think ive ever played a game so much as to unlock the invisibilty and invicibility cheats…I personally wouldnt make the characters as blocky as they are in the original that would put alot of potential players off but thats just my opinion…mixamo fuse would be a easy way for you to make quick prototype military characters for testing

You even created the outside level :slight_smile: Im producing music, so I can try to recreate the Goldeneye 64 music, if you want?

I agree, I wanted to keep this exactly like the original but then you might aswell grab project64 and play it on your pc or phone lol. It would be good to get the characters more natural looking, I tried original face scans (before they got pixelated) and that added a lot to the characters. I want the original bonds aswell!
I’m embarrassed to admit i have no idea what mixamo fuse is? Is it like a standalone version of the web app?

Yeah sure! All we need is Facility & Runway. Maybe you could do a mix of the two? Something different. That way it can play through the whole level. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use, I mean there’s the original game soundtrack, the movie soundtrack and GoldenEye Source remade all the tracks from the game too.

Has anyone got any idea how to start out trying to replicate the gameplay? I don’t want this to turn into GoldenEye Wii :wink:

Fuse is mixamos character creator that runs in steam…i picked it up on sale for 25bucks and you get 2 free riggings a week and now they have an epic skeleton export option which means most animations for the epic skeleton can be retargeted which is great because the animations on their site are pretty expensive, some are free though…the main reason I mention it in context to this project though is that the characters are very generic that you create, as are the enemies in goldeneye so whilst the mixamo characters are not great for ultra detailed AAA titles for this they could work well…if I get some time ill try mixamo for making a bond character as suits are one of the clothing options I think…I used mixamo to make the zombies in my febuary game jam entry

Also I seem to remember that nintendos original plan for goldeneye was to bring out a camera device so you could capture yours and your friends faces and put them on characters but they canned the idea due to worry about legal issues and it inspiring violence against real humans

I remember when playing goldeneye that co-op on the single player missions was something I wanted most and of course the spyder machine pistol from the japanese version

I remember it was the gameboy camera that you would have used with perfect dark but yes the idea you could put someones face on there and shoot them to hell meant it could drive you to do it in real life :confused:

I’ve been using blender’s rig generator to rig the boris model but I couldn’t get it to move properly, I’m sure this is my fault as I missed something in the rigging.

The Goldeneye Wii was…bad. Will start on the music now :slight_smile:

I forgot how bad it was until I played it the other day… 007 Legends too :frowning: Though I like the melee takedowns.
I look forward to hearing the music.

Looking at the mixamo prices this won’t be using that. If anyone can fill in the blanks for me on blender rig I’d appreciate it.

This is great! I’m glad to see someone doing this! Any updates so far?