Going from non VR mode to VR mode having bad performance


I have 2 maps, 1 non VR and 1 that is optimised for VR. By default it is in the non VR mode, when I switch to VR mode I open the VR map and I am getting bad performance. But if I start the application in the VR mode I am getting 90FPS.

I have tried using the Openmap blueprint node and the console command to try to switch between levels and I am still getting the performance drop.

Does anyone know why this is?

So once you load the VR map using the Open Level node, you’re getting bad performance?

Yes, exactly that. I have a normal map load first, if they decide they can go into the VR map by pressing a key. The VR map has bad performance once loaded, dropping under 45fps, but works totally fine if the VR map is the first map loaded.

Apparently this is part of this problem.

I am still getting the same problem after 4.16.

Is anyone else switching between non-vr and vr and having troubles? Anyone got any insight?