GoD: Seeking 100 Blueprints Scripters

Hello @Amelia_P

Those diagrams are works of Art. LOL.

[TABLE=“cellpadding: 1”]

Hard Assets are ‘core’ assets provided for use in Dreamworld construction and interaction. Every aspect of GODofDREAMS is developed from Marketplace Assets such as the Lobby System, FPS Combat System, HTTP Communications which have been heavily modified, thus may or may not be accessible for purchase on-demand in-game.

Hard Asset

Realtime Deformable & Destructible Landscapes

Dungeon Archtect
Procedural Architecture

indeed they are^^


Some more Art… ART: GOD of DREAMS Next Gen 3D FTPS/RPG MMO Sandbox & Asset Store powered by UnrealEngine 4. - YouTube

It’s super cool and fancy :slight_smile: I saw this video on Screenshot Saturday and liked it in there.


Ooops, Forgot I posted it there. I reckoned I need to make a new Artwork. Hows your a ‘Kane & Lynch meets Hotline Miami’ Arena TPS coming along? You still deving solo?

I like the way it is, but I like clean art style, so don’t take my words as the best art suggestion^^

Pretty slowly because my job as artist (means 12 to 16-work hour shift a day). Fortunately, I gave up on my stubborn way to develop a game and went to design smaller and quick levels. The code is simple and it’s almost ready. My problem is still content (graphics) and optimization. Ah, optimization… I discovered I have to retopo ALL my characters, get rid of dynamic lights, etc. I redesigned my levels to support smaller areas. A lot of tough game design decisions.

Unfortunately, I have to. I can’t build a team based on royalty-split because I’ve already sold my IP rights to two companies (for other media). And I have no money right now to hire or outsource expensive things like art or programming. The little money I spare is going to voice acting, sound and some marketplace stuff to speed up the things. I have to finish the demo and sell the investors on it. It’s been rough…

I private messaged TechLord. I am a 3d and 2D artist, and have time i can clear to produce characters.

[TABLE=“align: left”]

Working on Player Control Mechanics. Flight.

“Angel of Death”

Acquiring skills during the gameplay, like flying, is fun. Cool mechanic! (Your record video program is slowing down your videos? I’m using Shadowplay GeForce experience and it’s smooth, having 0% of dropping my FPS rate. Many devs said it’s terrible, but it works fine for me).

Thanks for the recommendation @Amelia_P,

I updated my NVidia Drivers and installed GeForce Experience. Sadly, my video card is too old…


HTML Application + Batch Hybrid Form Launcher (Windows)

*.bat File Example

eCHo off
color F0
mode con: cols=64 lines=16
goto beginform

::HTML Application + Batch Hybrid Form Launcher v1.0
::GOD of DREAMS FPSRPG Creation Sandbox Multiverse Online
:: Game Asset Modding Community Marketplace
::Specializing in Modular Assets and Kitbash for Game Development
::Become a Vendor

::HTA Input Forms" in Batch files by Antonio Perez Ayala aka Aacini, Aug/08/2015

if exist HTML del HTML
set /p "=GOD of DREAMS Net Launcher v1.0..." < NUL
call :Form result= 0 0 512 512
call :RadioButton /H "NetRole" "Server" /H "NetRole" "Host" "NetRole" "Client"
call :Textarea /H 2 32 "EditorPath" "%UE4EDITOR%"
call :SetEnvarButton "EditorPath"
call :Textarea /H 2 32 "ProjectPath" "%UE4PROJECT%"
call :SetEnvarButton "ProjectPath"
call :Textarea 2 32 "ServerDNSPort" ""
call :Textarea 2 32 "APIHandler" "https://assmod/wp-content/plugins/WoOSAH/inc/api.php"
call :Inputfield 32 "MapName" "LevelOne"
call :CheckBox /H "Options" "Windowed" "Options" "Log"
::call :Inputfield /H 8 "ResX" "800"
::call :Inputfield 8 "ResY" "450"
call :Submit /H
echo "%result%"
call :%result%
timeout 3
goto :EOF

::This is :HTA-Form Form subroutine; include from this point until EOF in your code
::Don't forget to also copy *the first line* in this file!
::Orginally developed by Antonio Perez Ayala aka Aacini,
::Modified by Frankie Techlord Taylor 08/24/19

:Form result= col row width height
::setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
:: result=
set "res=%1" & shift
:: col row width height
set "pos=%1 %2 %3 %4"
exit /b

:Button name value ...
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
set /p "=<input type="button" onclick="radiobox('%~1=%~2')" value="%~2">%~1%ver% " >> HTML < NUL
exit /b

:RadioButton name value ...
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
set "button=%~1"
if not defined button goto endButton
set "checked="
set /p "=<label><input type="radio" name="%~1" onclick="radiobox('%~1=%~2')" value="%~2">%~2</label>%ver% " >> HTML < NUL
if "%~1" neq "" goto  RadioButton
exit /b

:CheckBox name value ...
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
set /p "=<input type="checkbox" name="%~1" onclick="checkbox('%~1=%~2')" value="%~2">%~2 %ver%" >> HTML < NUL
if "%~1" neq "" goto CheckBox
exit /b

:Inputfield maxlength id value
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
if "%~1" neq "" (set maxlength="%~1") else set "maxlength="
set /p "=<label>%~2</label>: <input type="text" id="%~2" onclick="textbox('%~2='+document.getElementById('%~2').value)" onchange="textbox('%~2='+document.getElementById('%~2').value)" value="%~3" %maxlength%>%ver%" >> HTML < NUL
exit /b

:Password maxlength id value
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
if "%~1" neq "" (set maxlength="%~1") else set "maxlength="
set /p "=<label>%~2</label>: <input type="password" id="%~2" onclick="textbox('%~2='+document.getElementById('%~2').value)" onchange="textbox('%~2='+document.getElementById('%~2').value)" value="%~3" %maxlength%>%ver%" >> HTML < NUL
exit /b

:Textarea rows cols name text
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
set /p "=<label>%~3</label>: <textarea name="%~3" rows="%~1" cols="%~2" onclick="textbox('%~3='+document.getElementById('%~3').value)" onchange="textbox('%~3='+document.getElementById('%~3').value)">%~4</textarea>%ver%" >> HTML < NUL
exit /b

:Submit [/H]
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
set /p "=<button onclick="closeHTA();">Submit</button>%ver%<button onclick="exitHTA();">Cancel</button>" >> HTML < NUL
call :GetHTAreply
set "%res%=%HTAreply%"
exit /b

:SetEnvarButton [/H] Envar
if /I "%~1" equ "/H" (set "ver=" & shift) else set "ver=<br>"
set /p "=<button onclick="closeHTAwithVars('%~1');">Set</button>%ver%" >> HTML < NUL
exit /b

set "HTAreply="
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('(echo %pos% ^& type HTML ^) ^| mshta.exe "%~F0"') do set "HTAreply=%%a"
del HTML
exit /b

:SetEnVar var1 path1 ...
echo Setting Envars
echo %*
set envar=%1
if "%~2" neq "" (goto appendEnVarLocShift) else (goto appendEnVarLocBreak)
set loc=%loc%%~1 & shift
::echo %loc%???
goto getEnVarLoc
set loc=%loc%%~1
::echo %loc%###
echo setx %envar% "%loc%"
setx %envar% "%loc%"
exit /b

:StartNetAgent result
echo Starting Net Agent
echo "%UE4EDITOR%\UE4Editor-Cmd.exe" "%UE4PROJECT%" %*
"%UE4EDITOR%\UE4Editor-Cmd.exe" "%UE4PROJECT%" %*
exit /b

:Error Message
echo ERROR!!! %*
goto formbody
exit /b

echo Cancelled
goto :EOF
exit /b


   <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
   <style type="text/css">
   body {
       background: white;
       background-image: url("GODofDREAMS.gif");
       color: black;
       font-family: 'Amatic SC', cursive;
       font-size: 32px;
       font-weight: bold;
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
var fso     = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"),
   stdin   = fso.GetStandardStream(0),
   stdout  = fso.GetStandardStream(1),
   pos     = stdin.ReadLine().split(" "),
   winLeft = 0,
   winTop = 0;


document.title = "GOD of DREAMS Multiverse Online v1.0";
document.body.innerHTML = stdin.ReadLine();

var options=], keyvalue=];

function checkbox(opt){
   keyvalue = opt.split("=");
   options[keyvalue[1]] = keyvalue[0];

function radiobox(opt){
   keyvalue = opt.split("=");
   options[keyvalue[0]] = keyvalue[1];

function textbox(opt){
   keyvalue = opt.split("=");
   options[keyvalue[0]] = keyvalue[1];

function StartNetAgent() {

   //Server UE4Editor-Cmd.exe "%UE4PROJECT%" LevelOne -server -game -log
   //Client UE4Editor-Cmd.exe "%UE4PROJECT%" open -game -ResX=800 -ResY=600 -Windowed
   //OptKeys UE4Editor-Cmd.exe "%UE4PROJECT%" LevelOne?opt1=val1?opt2=val2

   var cmd = "StartNetAgent ";
   var optkey = "";
   var errorcode = 0;
   var errormsg = "";

   switch (options'NetRole']) {
       case "Server":
           cmd += options'MapName'] + " -server -game -nosteam";
       case "Host":
           cmd += options'MapName'] + "?listen -game -nosteam";
       case "Client":
           cmd += "open " + options'ServerDNSPort'] + " -game";

   if (options'Windowed']=='Options') {cmd += " -Windowed";}

   if (options'Log']=='Options') {cmd += " -log";}

   if (options'MapName'] == undefined ) {
       errorcode = 1;
       errormsg = "MapName " + options'MapName'] + ". Click or Type MapName Field to SET. " + errormsg;

   if (errorcode>0) {
       window.alert( errormsg );
       return ("Error " + errormsg);

   return cmd;

function SetEnvar(opt) {
   var cmd = "SetEnvar ";
   var varname = "";
   switch (opt)
       case "EditorPath":
           varname = "UE4EDITOR";
       case "ProjectPath":
           varname = "UE4PROJECT";
   cmd += varname + " " + options[opt];
   return cmd;

function closeHTA(){
   var reply = StartNetAgent();

function closeHTAwithVars(opt){
   var reply = SetEnvar(opt);

function exitHTA(){
   var reply = "cancel";

Community/Looking for Talent?/job Offerings…?

Aw, so that’s the reason your FPS is dropping. But, you can take advantage of it. If you develop a game with this specs, more players will be able to play your game (you know, not every player is a hardcore player tech head with a 10,000 machine to play games ^^)

I’d love, but it’s out of my budget… yet.


WordPress Online Subsystem API for HTTP (WooSaH)

		WordPress Online Subsystem API for HTTP - Wordpress/Woocoomerce Powered Online Subsystem Services for Games featuring User Authentication, Presence, Server Presence & Matchmaking, Friends, Tournaments, Store, Licenses.

		I could not locate an equivalent Console Command or Blueprint to get Dedicated Server IP & Port. So this feature will be part of WoOSAH (OSS) C++ Plugin.


“Voice of an Angel”
Incorporating Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text Powered by Google WaveNet Technology.

		To be used in Story Narration, Dialogues, Voice Commands, and much more.

How to develop a FTPS/RPG MMO Sandbox single-handedly…

  1. Incorporate Procedural Generation/AI Everywhere Chatbox/Dialog, 3D Content: Landscape, Architecture,: Generative Design, Animation, Music:1, Voice, Machine Learning for Bot Behaviors.
  2. Outsource Content Creation to Players → in-game Collaborative tools for rapid content assembly.


Integrating Skeletal Mesh Merge Plugin to support performant mass customization in real-time.

I realize that one would ideally pay fellow developers as they work on a project for/with one, but I’m not convinced that model need always be applied. Assuming it can be agreed upon at the onset of a project, hungry devs looking to get their teeth wet can sink them into a small or medium-size project and agree to a share of all earnings from said project. Of course there’s a risk of the end result not earning much, but ultimately the quality of the underlying game concept and the production of assets, etc., are what will determine the success of the game, and these are very much factors under the control of those responsible for their creation. Anyhow, clicked to these posts from another thread where TechLord had linked to it. Saw this comment, felt I should give my two cents, whatever that’s worth.