Go BlowFish --Now Available!

[video]go BlowFish Launch Trailer - YouTube

— EDIT: Get it for FREE for the month of June. Download from your mobile app store :slight_smile: (and don’t forget to review!!)

Hey guys!!

First and foremost, thanks so much to this amazing community for all the help and info you (we) constantly share. Not only is everyone’s work inspiring, but seeing so much love, dedication and support motivates us (specially me) to keep doing stuff!!

Anyhow, I wanted to share a side project a friend and I just released called ‘go BlowFish’. Its a (hopefully) super challenging platformer, done entirely on blueprints by 2 industry artists (You guys at epic are amazing!!).

It’s now available on iOS and Android. I invite you guys to try it out, maybe support us and give us feedback!

You can find the game HERE for the Android version, and here’s a link for the iOS version.

Either way, here are a couple of shots of the game and I hope you guys enjoy it!
PS: If you have any questions about the process in general, feel free to shoot me a line!! =)
And Thank you so much to everyone at epic for empowering creative passionate people all around the world!

go BlowFish


Awesome game! Congrats! :smiley: :cool:

any chance of IOS version?

Yes! We’re waiting for approval. Should be a day or 2 =)

Game looks brilliant congratulations.

How long, in your experience, does it take for an App to be approved? For IOS

After uploaded it took 2 days to get revised and available on the app Store.

IOS is now up and available!
Also added a trailer onto the initial post… not sure why it didn’t embed. :slight_smile:

[video]go BlowFish Launch Trailer - You

Having some issues on ios, can someone help out please?
Leaderboard refuses to write the scores =(

create pc version

Leaderboards fixed. All systems go :slight_smile:

Download for free till the end of June :slight_smile: