Glowing Trees

I’m making game with day/night cycle. I downloaded Open world demo collection and I made forest, but unfortunately some trees are glowing.
During the day all looks perfect, but at night only HillTreeTall and ScootPineTall works correctly. HillTree, ScootPine, Yarrow are glowing at night and I don’t know why. Material structure for all is same.

Here how it looks.

That’s kinda weird behavior, given the fact that the material is the same for all trees. I’d guess it’s something with a lightmass. Did you bake the lighting in your scene? Try to set every light source to movable. Grab all “glowing” trees to get rid of shading data by moving them a little bit.

I resolve partly my problem. I deleted landscape from map and recreate it (with same heightmap), then resimulate forest with Procedural foliage spawner and bake light. Now in night all looks good, but during day leaves at close range looks faded.