glowing material that works on android???

how to make glowing material that works on android actually when create a emissive material that works fine on PC but on mobile it’s not glowing I turned on bloom inside project setting and also in postprocessing volume and I multiply emissive color intensity by 140 but nothing happend…
Why it’s not working but glowing material for in unity mobile works fine… ?
please help me to solve this issue …
Thanks in advanced.

The mobile OpenGL ES3 renderer is quite limited in features:

In the first link, you can read general info.

The emissive color won’t create a “glow” because the mobile renderer doesn’t have HDR by default. It can be turned on in the project settings, but it’s more expensive to render, and might not have the same results as desktop SM5 rendering.

The second link specifies that standard bloom is supported, but not convolution bloom. Set the settings in your post process to use that.

Apart from the OpenGL renderer, Unreal has a Vulkan mobile renderer which you can try. Vulkan itself has support for more features, but the Unreal implementation isn’t very feature rich yet – I’m not sure if Bloom etc. are supported, you should try and see. One thing to note though, Vulkan is not supported on all platforms, currently I think it’s Android only.

More Vulkan info here: Android Vulkan Mobile Renderer | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hopefully it helps.