Glowing lighting anomalies, even after build lighting


I am a new Unreal user. As I built my level out I started getting these glowy anomalies, even after building lighting in my scene. See the screenshot here, and note that some things are glowing red and others green/white. It’s different every time.

Now, if I go to Quick Settings > Engine Scalability Settings and turn it down to Low, and then back to Ultra, the problem goes away as the scene re-lights itself… usually. Or, one object will stop glowing and another one somewhere else will start up. It is very inconsistent. Usually it is worse after building lighting, and then generally better after I have reset the Scalability settings as described.

I make a habit of creating lightmap UV sets for every object.

Does anyone recognize this and know why it is happening?

Thanks very much in advance!

Does this happen in any of the example projects? I haven’t quite seen anything like this and I’m wondering if it’s a graphics card issue. Is your card powerful and/or new? Do you have it overclocked? Maybe turning it to Ultra heats it up too much or something and setting it to Low temporarily gets it back in the right condition.

Hi Danodin,

I’ve not run across this myself either. It does seem like odd behavior. Would you mind making an AnswerHub]( post in the Bug Reports section. Once posted we can assign to one of our support staff and see what’s going on here.

Thank you!