Global PostProcess in UnrealEngine 4.10.2


I am new to UnrealEngine and following few tutorials to get started with.

I am trying to find “Global PostProcess” (in World Outliner) in UnrealEngine 4.10, but I am not able to find it. Has it been changed compared to previous version of UnrealEngine? If so whats the alternative of it?



This is what I have:



I do have it. But is it global? It doesn’t look anything like this show in this link:

See “Assigning to a Post Process Volume” in that link.

Then why is it that the PostProcessVolume what I have is different from whats there in this [video][1]?

Ah yes! Thanks.

If you started with an empty level, you might not have one. You can add one to your level by dragging one from the Modes tab, under the Visual Effects section.

That’s just the name of the Actor :slight_smile: It doesn’t mean anything. I think the convention is to call the PostProcess volume that is used for the entire level the ‘Global’ one, which has Unbounded enabled, and then to add smaller ones throughout the level that adjust settings for individual areas.

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Open up the “> Settings” disclosure arrow to see all of the post-process settings. The UE4 editor has changed a bit since 2014.

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You need to toggle the Infinite Extent property in the details pane