Global override for lightmaps resolution?

Hi guys!

I have a scene with pretty high-res lightmaps, up to 1024 (takes hours to build) and want to make quick lighting test. I’d like to globally lower the lightmaps resolution. Is there a way to do it globally instead of mesh by mesh?


You can select all the meshes in the level and change the override lightmap resolution. But there’s nothing that will like automatically lower the resolution by half or something like that. The lighting build quality settings change other things about the lightmaps, like number of bounces and samples and stuff like that, but not resolution.

Have you tried this out?:

Thank you guys. I’ll try this out!

Ah, didn’t know about that one

Basically you choose a min and a max value? How does the engine decides which value to assign to each mesh? My meshes LMaps range from 64 to 1024…I have about 150 LMaps in my scene.

Have you tried using the property matrix?

Select/highlight all your static meshes, right click selection -> asset actions -> click property matrix

In the new window, look to the right and find lightmap resolution and just change it to whatever you need. It’ll globally change all the LM’s for all the meshes you selected earlier.

There’s also a ratio there, you could just put 50 for 50% I think to halve the values

Are these solutions usable temporarily tho? Because I wanted to lower them just for testing, and would put them back at their respective resolution for my final bake!
I’ll give the ratio thing a try. Thank you guys for the tips!

Yeah it would be ideal if you could adjust the ratio per quality level.

Hello !
did you get the answer on “How does the engine decides which value to assign to each mesh?”

Thank you man! That worked perfectly :)))