Global lightmap resolution for big scene

hey guys, i have big scene, include over 1000 meshes, and need to change lightmap resolution. So, i dont want to do it manually, mesh by mesh change this in editor. Maybe i will reimport some of them meshes, and just change resolution on details tab - not the best desicion. Did someone solve this before? Any ideas?

You can use the Properties Matrix for these types of edits. You can select Actors from your Content Browser to edit them at the base level. Or if you want to just edit the ones in your level, you can select any and then use the properties matrix to set an Override Lightmap Resolution size.

okay, but will changes save in that case, when i reimport meshes? And one more question: can i use property matrix, or some other instruments for change lightmap resolution from 128 to 1024 in addiction of mesh size? Thank you anyway, you already helped