Global Illumination in UE5 Doesn't work!

This is what I turned on:
‘Lumen’ in the Dynamic GI Method in the Project Settings
‘Support Hardware Ray Tracing’ on in the Hardware Ray Tracing settings
‘Generate Mesh Distance Fields’
‘Use Hardware Ray tracing when available’
‘Lumen’ in the GI setting within the Post Process Volume, and none of it is giving me any bounce light. Anyone else having this problem? I’m on a Mac using UE 5. Thanks!

Hardware raytracing is only supported on Windows. Not sure this will fix it though as I assume it should just ignore it on Mac.

According to the documentation it looks like the software raytracing requires DirectX 11…

Software Ray Tracing:
Video cards using DirectX 11 with support for Shader Model 5.

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Well at least I know it wasn’t just me! Thanks for your response. I guess I won’t be using Global Illumination in UE5 anytime soon…

Lumen does not seem to work on Mac. I can’t get baked global illumination to work either.