Glitch/Bug after using VR Preview?

Whenever I try running VR Preview, I get these weird glowing white patches all over my screen (In-game, patches in some parts of my editor, and in my level viewport.)

Link to glitch/bug: UE4 Vr Preview Glitch/Bug? - Album on Imgur

Some things to note:

  • Editor is just fine on start-up, only occurs until I press VR Preview.
  • I can play the game using the ‘Selected Viewport’ play button and the game will run just fine.
  • Still occurs after restarting/rebooting/shutting down computer.
  • I’m using the Oculus Rift with ‘Allow unknown sources’ enabled.
  • Still occurs after running Unreal Engine as administrator.

I’m not very good at debugging things, so if what I said wasn’t enough, please feel free to ask for more info. I could potentionally make a video to show what the glitch/bug looks like if necessary.

Hello Seth,

Do you happen to be using an AMD GPU? If so - What model? You may be experiencing.

It may be worth giving 4.19 a try.



Sorry I’m replying so late but I did actually end up finding a work around to the problem. In the “Engine Scalability Settings”, putting the Resolution Scale from 100% to 99% fixes the issue. All the squares went away and I didn’t have to restart. I messed around with the other Engine Scalability Settings and they didn’t seem to have an effect on the glitch/bug, only the Resolution Scale.