Glass visor breath flickering (VIDEO attached)

Hello, still really early game footage. But I have my character breathing onto his glass visor. When the character is standing still the effect is going it seems to be fine, however when he is moving, it flickers quite a bit.

Is it possible there is something wrong with my material? I tried making the material not reflective, and no specularity.

You can also see the scratches flicker as well, I think it’s grabbing weird light?

Right now theres a TIME -> SINE and it’s multiplied by the alpha texture of the fogbreath. And it just adjusts the opacity to the material.

How does it look in material editor preview and in editor viewport? And can you post a screenshot of your material setup please?

Hello, here is an image of the Glass visor material… still not sure what’s happening. if it’s the material or if the lighting in the scene is jittering somehow? Casting weird lights