Glass Pint - See through glass wall from a shallow angle

Hello everyone. I’m working on a glass shader in UE for my pint here but I’m at a loss.I finally managed to make the normals see through but now I’m struggling with this difference between seeing through 2 or more parallel faces and the sides which I don’t understand why it decides to make so clear. It’s like the IOR is in reverse.I’ve been browsing my *** off but nothing useful comes up. My shader is built from a combo of the default glass mat and this:…-0379f6dc-6787
Also tried and fiddled around all over the connections as you can see. I used forward shading which came out amazing but still. It doesn’t even come close to acceptable glass.

I would like to try this but I don’t understand how it would help me anywhere else than the lip and I don’t know how to do it in the first place.…looking-glass=

I rendered it out in Arnold before just for reference (ofc I don’t expect it to look like that in UE ever but I’m still trying to get something nice.)
Something like this is what I would like to achieve:<br>
And end goal would be:…ructible-glass

PS: I copy posted this from polycount.