Glass not showing in the City Matrix Demo - Path Tracer

Not sure if anyone can help but I’m having an issue with the City Matrix Demo where the glass isn’t showing on anything. I’ve tried creating new glass materials, using existing ones etc. and nothing is showing up. Not sure what it could be, as soon as I change to lit everything works as normal.
Thank you!

Hey tom, did you found a solution? I hav the same issue here and nothing found online. THX

Hi I think I’ve somewhat figured out a really weird workaround. I haven’t tested this extensively but selecting the glass meshes you are using in the scene, and adding them all together as a single static mesh seems to work for me. Not sure why this happens or why the issue exists in the first place as I’ve found that this glass issue exists even outside the “city level”. if you create a new level and make a new glass material the same issue persists. I’ve found just migrating or moving over all the city sample content to another project fixed the issue too. Again haven’t tested the glass static mesh fix extensively but I’ve had success in the couple times I’ve done it

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did you ever find a solution to this?