Glass not reflecting right

Having an issue with my class not reflecting, At some point its correct but when I look at it from too steep of an angle, the angle of reflection becomes incorrect. See example

Have you tested if it’s just glass or any other reflective material? Could be that your reflection captures are positioned in a way that this happens.
Anyways I’ve also had problems with reflections on glass.
This one somehow uses the capture that is below it, while the metal ball uses the correct one

No I only have this problem with glass, and I for the most part copied the glass in the initial scene. Well from my experience is that the way that mirror like reflections work is that they have a box in the scene that projects in 6 directions. Then those projections are used in the scene on the material to show what is mirrored. However I feel it switches too suddenly between the projections.

I was under the impression that transluscent surfaces don’t do realtime specular reflections… or if they do, they’re not very good at it due to a deferred rendering limitation.

Its funny that everyone is agreeing with me that this is a problem.

Yep, it’s currently a limit of the engine. Have to wait and see how Epic handles it. Depending on what they go for, anything from just an environment map to full deferred material properties (including screenspace reflections) could be handled. But they haven’t said exactly what they’re doing or when it’ll be available, so until then I’d not get my hopes up for getting good reflections off glass/translucent surfaces.

Ok as a temp solution I just decided to turn off all refraction on large objects, it still reflects when given a high metal and specular, but not as nicely.

I don’t get any reflection at all on the mac version on translucent materials. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?