Glass Material with sunlight

Hello guys!
I’m doing a church for a friend of mine and this is a huge project for me as I’m starting in UE4, I don’t have much - any actually - experience.
Well, Is there any way to make the sunlight pass through the a glass with a different texture?

I mean, in those pictures I have this stained glass(That is not a glass, I just created a material from this texture and put in a Static Mesh) and I want it to be a Glass - of course - but with the sunlight passing through.

I could use the glass provided in Starter Content but I don’t know how to do it…

Thank you very much.

is case of static lightning use lightmass with translucent shadows

In case of dynamic - it is possible to use light functions with 3 light sources colored with red, green and blue colors and corresponding texture channels.