Glass distortion image

Hi everyone!

Someone know the reason why the glass reflection break the image. I tried different type of glass material (from UE4 assets) and I changed the composition of my meshes more than once (meshes all separate, or all merge, or in different groups, etc) and this didn’t resolved my problem. The distortion is more visible when you place the player in a small angle.

Here a picture of the distortion that I get.


Sorry the ask again, but anybody knows what I can do to resolve this problem? I begin to get a good result with my archviz level, but this detail kill completely the real-time immersion and realism.

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I don’t know about everyone else but it is hard for me to tell exactly what the problem is. Have you considered just disabling refraction? It’s usually not very noticeable on windows in real life anyway.

Wow… so simple! You can’t imagine how many times I tweaked my meshes trying to fix this problems. I was sure that the problems was coming from them because I got the same issue with all the glass material that came from example project or the starter kit and also from marketplace assets. All those prebuilt materials looked good in their original project but not in mine.

I still need to rebuild the light, but the change is very noticeable in the editor.

Thank you!

Here the result tweaking the refraction values :


I can confirm that for flat glass, the refraction makes everything look bad!!! Try a planer reflection actor on the wall with the glass panels, should look very good!!!

Thanks you for the tips.

I would definitely like to try this! But I tried planar reflection with a mirror and I still need to understand well how to place and configure it. When you insert one in your level, by default it is very big and I am not so sure about how big it need to be. I understood that the X and Y axis need to be in similar dimension to the surface that you want to reflect and you need to place it face to face with it, but I am not sure about how far it need to go in the Z axis (set perpendicular to the surface).

Here an image of the mirror in question with the planar reflection selected :


The Z-Axis only affects what receives reflected light, and not what casts it. So you should make the Z bounds be rather close to the mirror. Also, based on the image you posted you may want to increase the resolution a bit, along with the fov of the reflection capture. Both of those settings should be on the Planar Reflection actor.