Glass Beer mug Material, How to?

So basically, I want to make a glass beer mug like this Screenshot_1.jpg.

I know that I should place opacity map on my model, but I wonder how to do these shapes on the beer mug? Are they normal map or something? Or should I make them directly on the 3d model?

The opacity should be zero and the refraction should be a constant value of about 1.52.
(See List of refractive indices - Wikipedia (Plate Glass))
The Distortion of the refraction comes through a normal map. So you need a Normal Map that fakes the patterns on the mug.

afaik normal maps can’t be used with translucent materials. Or maybe I’m doing it wrong.

That is incorrect. You can see an example in the refraction documentation.

Link to the refraction documentation, for the lazy.:wink:

So did this thread die? I’m looking for the same thing. Did you manage to create the beer and the glass successfully? I have an empty mug with some smudges on it but it still looks like ■■■■.
I tried following this tut but it looks like I’m failing due to ignoring the frosted and the reinforced part.

ive just applied this to the default cylinder mesh, but… you should be able to get where im going with this.
Basically, the built-in refraction and opacity settings kinda suck for this sort of thing, so you should just make your own.
add the normal map to the screenspace position and add that to the scene colour uv input to get your transparency + refraction, and then apply whatever colour modification you want to get the glass colour. then just use fresnel or whatever you chose to blend that with a similar effect (with more or less refraction if you want) to get the inner liquid to show up.

you can also fake your own reflections with a texture cube.
of course now looking at this, i havent put anything in to the custom world normal of the reflectionvectorWS, and you should probably do that if you want the reflections to look like they are reflecting off of the same pattern as your refraction (read: use that normal map again here)

To get a better liquid content you would need to prepare the mesh a bit different (you can check videos from BlenderGuru where he does the modeling for a beer glass - you can understand even if you dont use Blender, and check all his videos that have some neat tricks on achieving several materials and scenes) with an inside mesh to be the liquid and another material to be like liquid (you can put bubbles easily this way), and for the details at the glass you can increase the normal strength or maybe even add the details to the mesh… the only way to know how you will do is to knowing what your scene would be like and how important the glass is in the scene.

If Im making a promotional video for a beer brand, so the glass has to be top class, so add the details to the mesh if the take for the scene will have a close-up… the normal would be good for the sweating at the glass.

specific video from BlenderGuru: