Glass as Material Layer?

I’ve got an asset that includes some metal surfaces and a glass surface. I looked through the docs on Layered Materials and through the available properties on the Material Functions I created. Even though “Make Material Attributes” has “Refraction”, I don’t see a way of having one Function be Glass (i.e. Blend Mode = “Translucent” and Lighting Mode = “Surface Translucency Volume”) and another a plain material. Am I missing something?

If I understand correctly, you are looking for a way to have both glass and a non-glass surface in a material at the same time.
if you want this you can make a material function for glass and use “Blend material attribute” and blend to another material function .use a mask for alpha

Yeah, you understood correctly. I’m having a hard time reading the nodes in your graph. Could you post a high res version?

for glass, I use unreal engine glass so just connect as unreal did in Content Pack
for the solid part, just use 0 for Roghness or near Zero or whatever you want