Glare - Hot Spots?

Is it possible to get a glare and hot spots on metal?

When using the CineCameraActor, and selecting the camera in the viewport … glare and hot spots pop up for a short period of time.
But as soon as I release the camera, the glare and the hot-spots are gone.

Does anybody know what’s going on here and how to add a glare on metal objects that do have really shiny hot spots?
Like a Chrome Grill of a Car when the Sun directly hits the geometry.

thanks a lot!

Not sure what you mean by the glares popping up for a short time until you release the camera, do you have a video? Sounds like you might have “realtime” disabled in the viewport, which doesn’t hold on to TAA so you get a lot of flicker. But natively, you would use the Convolution Bloom option or change the filter for the regular bloom to be anisotropic or cross.