Glare from Cinematic Camera on relfective objects (matinee) problem

Hi, im getting a glare when rendering out a cinematic from Matinee on my cameras, that arent there during play or setup of the camera. Its as if the camera has a light on it which reflects off the surface when looking straight on. Have attached normal scene lighting, and then what renders through ‘movie’ in Matinee. Ive tried just about everything I can think of within the Post Process and Camera settings, nothing seems to remove this ‘glare’. Any thoughts? Thanks !


If you only see this during rendering the movie, don’t worry about it. The movie frames render to the viewport without some post-processing features, but the actual images / videos themselves will look as they’re supposed to when you open them :slight_smile:

Hi TheJamsh, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the below image with the issue, is the actual jpeg that was saved out (not screen shot). the 1st image (the correct looking one) is the screen capture from the program. What happens is, when it loads the matinee… it looks fine for about a few frames… and then this ‘light’ pops on. and ruins the image.

My only work around is that I avoid pointing the camera at anything shiney at 90 degress… which is a real pain, because it limits my ability to ‘capture’ some great scenes for cinematics when I have what appears to be a flash light attached to the camera always. Any other thoughts?