Glare during night

i have a problem during night scene. I achieved day night cycle, but during the night a strange glare appears when I draw debug line ( Example here: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image ), when i see a billboard and when my character is under a light ( Example here: and here: ). I noticed this glare appears where there are cloud in the sky ( Example here: ). Do you know any idea of what the problem is?

Thanks in advance.

Put a post process volume into your level and set it to Unbound. Then look for Bloom section and set its intensity to 0.

The problem of the debug line glare is solved now thanks to you. I am experiencing another problem. As soon as i start shooting the seen brightness goes down ( Example here for normal brightness: and here when i shooting ).
Can you tell me why and how can i fix this?

Thanks for your patience

That’s Auto Exposure. Once again, go to the post process volume, and set Min and Max Brightness to the same value, you may need to tweak it’s value to get the intensity you want. This will effect the day as well, unless you were to blueprint control those values so that they could be different for different times of day.

The problem is solved now thanks to you!