Gizmo arows material

ok, I’m stuck)

I’m making super cool pan scale rotate multitool, but i just can’t make colors right.
They desaturate because of tone mapping and auto exposure that I can’t disable because I need it.
And if I use emissive color of user intarface type material and lumen is enabled than scene gets lit with gizmo (more like bloom) - not cool).
I’m not sure that using post process material and stencil buffers is a good idea due to perfomance issues.
All I need is a constant color + transperancy that does not affect scene and is not affected with anything else and is performant. Is that possible?

Ok, me stupid) There are no performance issues with using stencil buffer as only one stencil buffer needed and it can contain all gizmo parts that can be later accessed by number 0-255. Have not figured out how to achieve transperancy but there’s light at the end of the nunnel)

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To make object invisible in PostProcessInput0 - set Render in depth pass to false. To remove object from affecting lumen - set “use as occluder” and “visible in ray tracing” to false.
There’s probably no way to use two sided material with post process material so I would probably have to add polygons