Gizmo and Selection flickering in viewport

Selecting any geometry is showing rapidly flickering gizmo and selection highlight. Selecting other objects like light probe and player start is not an issue:

Are there any performance settings that I can adjust for this?

GTX 1070 driver v. 368.39
Windows 10 Pro
Using 3 monitors

Solution: Disable Realtime in the Viewport Options


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Unchecking “Temporal AA (instead FXAA)” under Show>Advanced button in the Viewport stops the highlighted selection from flickering.

(Found this before I could locate Disable Realtime and since the AA calculation makes sense as a source for flickers this will likely have less impact visually than disabling realtime. I am new to this though, so… opened a view for a individual mesh and the flickering returned, with no AA option. The Disable Realtime worked, it is under the first dropdown button in Viewport.)

To access the Realtime checkbox, click the triangle in the top left corner of viewport. Realtime option should be on top of the list.

Right on! Now I won’t need to disable realtime, thanks!