[GIVEAWAY] Multiplayer Survival Game Template

Update: This giveaway has closed! The winners have been announced in this post. Thank you everyone who entered! In the meantime - the template is now on sale for 25% off on both the UE4 Marketplace and Gumroad! You can read more about this over in this post. Thanks!

Hey guys.

So, it’s almost been one month since I released the multiplayer update to my Survival Game Template, and the response has been overwhelming, with over 100 copies sold in that time!!! I’ve already released 5 updates for the system since then (with a 6th one coming in a matter of days), patching out all bugs that have been brought to my attention, as well as adding new features such as unlocking crafting recipes with books, regenerating health, randomized container loot, and a heap more. Documentation is still being created, and I do want to increase the frequency of that, but the documentation being done is very detailed and thorough - you can see this over at the hub at http://survivalgame.site. The discord server (which you can join via this link) I run for support is now just short of 100 members, with many of them quite active, and some of these members will be submitting tutorials and free content for use by the community!

In the near future, I intend on adding more documentation, adding even more features via updates (you can see the MSGT roadmap here), and continuing to actively support the template and the community surrounding it. But to celebrate the success of the template thus far, I wanted to do something a little different.

As such… I will be giving away a few copies (2 or 3 depending on how many people are interested) of the template for free! And anyone who owns Unreal can enter to win! All you need to do? Submit a post here giving your most interesting survival game idea! Maybe you want to make a survival game set in the ocean, where you play a single solitary dolphin being stalked by great white sharks. Perhaps you want to take the survival genre into new directions and make a religion-based survival game, where a group of religious zealots take over a small town and you are left trying to sneak about to gather supplies to survive each day. Or maybe you’ve got a brand new spin on the normal zombie-survival formula that you think will stand out above the noise… Whatever your idea, it doesn’t even need to be crazy and different, share it here and on the last day of February (the 28th) I will choose a few winners and announce them here in the thread, as well as on the official Multiplayer Survival Game Template thread, the MSGT Hub and a few other places such as Twitter and the like. Winners will receive a PM via this forum and simply have to provide an email that I can send a 100% off discount code for the template on Gumroad to and bam, you will have a copy of the template, completely free of charge, with full legal right to use it in game development, and with full access to any and all future updates. Maybe you can even make that sick idea that won you the contest then!

Some simple rules…

  • One entry per person. You may change your entry at any point, but at the time of selecting the winners, the most recent idea posted by you will be considered your entry.
  • Winners will be chosen based on their ideas and what I think is the most interesting. These choices are final.
  • The giveaway is being run by me (as the owner and creator of the tempalte) and is intended to be a celebration of the template’s success in 2017 so far. The giveaway has absolutely nothing to do with Epic Games.
  • You will need a Unreal Engine account to use the template, and the template is only intended for use in Unreal Engine. You will be bound by the same use restrictions as any other purchasee.
  • Upon winning, winners will receive a free copy of the template via Gumroad via a discount code entitling them to a once-off purchase at $0. This will entitle them to all updates, bug fixes, and future additions to the template.

For those who are unaware of the template and it’s features, I’ve included the trailer, along with some information, below. You can check out the release thread here, or view the item on the marketplace here for even more detailed information. I look forward to your submissions as well as seeing what people do with the template in the future (winners and purchasees alike). Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for all the support of this product - it’s been amazing :slight_smile:

  • apoisonedgift

Some information on the template…

PRICE: $39.99

This 100% blueprint powered template has everything you need to get your survival game up and running

Packed to the brim with all the standard survival game mechanics, as well as some of the more exotic ones, the template is easy to configure, easy to extend and easy to learn. Mechanics are all **modular **so you can drop anything you don’t need to save time and processing power.

Built with almost a year of feedback on the singleplayer origins, this template is now 100% multiplayer ready and optimized for network play.

Including systems to manage hunger, thirst, time of day, temperature (both body and world), health, oxygen, blood, stamina, power, poison and more, you will be able to give your players the survival challenge of a life time! Includes a full extensive graphical inventory with support for randomised loot spawning, chests, item cooldowns and more.

Full documentation is being written up on a wiki-based website, and an extensive future roadmap of features is planned for updates. All blueprint logic is extensively commented and easily laid out for learning and understanding.

There’s never been a better time to jump on board and buy the original Survival Game Template!

For more details and a full feature list, please visit http://survivalgame.site


  • 100% blueprint Graphical HUD driven by player stats
  • Graphical drag and drop inventory complete with item cooldown timers
  • Dynamic hotbar
  • Chest and loot system, including RNG drops on enemy death
  • Dynamic time of day, including support for third party day/night packages
  • Player health system
  • Player hunger and thirst systems
  • Oxygen management suited both to majority AND minority vaccuum/underwater environments
  • Blood management including bleeding on player taking damage
  • Stamina/energy management system
  • Flashlight/torch with optional recharging battery management
  • Volume-based poison system
  • Multi-faceted temperature system, taking into account time of day, player body temperature and more
  • First and third person camera modes, including both behind player and over-the-shoulder view
  • Crafting, salvaging and harvesting
  • Customisable weapon/ammo system
  • Main menu and session browser example framework
  • Advanced movement mechanics such as crouch, prone, sprint, etc.
  • Visual feedback system for player stat levels
  • And much, much more!

*Please note that whilst it is possible to add this to an existing project with a little work, it is intended to be a template as a basis for starting a new project.
For more info visit http://survivalgame.site (being updated as time allows).

All artwork included are intended for demonstration purposes only.*


Please see this page on the Multiplayer Survival Game Template Hub


Please see this list of updates for all updates to date, including instructions on how to apply important bug fixes yourself where possible (in case you have already extended the template)

Click on the thumbnails for the full screenshot (opens in new tab).

http://www.dapperraptor.xyz/Resources/SGT/MSGT/Thumbs/Screenshot_Starting.png http://www.dapperraptor.xyz/Resources/SGT/MSGT/Thumbs/Screenshot_AI.png http://www.dapperraptor.xyz/Resources/SGT/MSGT/Thumbs/Screenshot_ContainerView.png http://www.dapperraptor.xyz/Resources/SGT/MSGT/Thumbs/Screenshot_Crafting.png http://www.dapperraptor.xyz/Resources/SGT/MSGT/Thumbs/Screenshot_Equipment.png http://www.dapperraptor.xyz/Resources/SGT/MSGT/Thumbs/Screenshot_Blueprints.png



I’ll try my chance for the giveaway with a new project I think of.

First let me start with the story:

Year 2253.
Humanity have seen great changes: no more countries, one unique language, one unique currency, etc.
Technology is now smaller, better and mostly everywhere, even in humans.
Rich people could afford some “Upgrades” and turn themselves into “Cyborgs”. Their upgrade give them better view, greater strength, etc.
It’s hard to see difference between a non-cyborg and a Cyborg.
You could think that everything is now nice and everyone leaved in harmony but it’s not. The difference between rich and poor is now bigger than ever.

For the past few years two groups emerged from this:
The “Humanity faction” that want to stop cyborgs, and take the control back. They blame the cyborgs to be rich privileged people that rules the world and do everything to increase the gap between poor and rich.
And the “New specie” Faction that think non-cyborgs are the roots of all problems and they need to served or be erased from the earth.

You are not really rich, but not poor. The game start with you on a plane.
You could choose to be a human or a cyborg (and choose some upgrades).
You start with 10 points that could be used to get starting objects or, if you choose cyborg, upgrades.
Humans could use tools do the same things as cyborgs. They will have good relation with the “Humanity” faction but very bad with the “New specie” faction.
A player that choose cyborg could choose one or more update. Using special cyborgs ability will deplete a “Energy gauge” and this will need to be recharge to used it again. They will have good relation with the “New specie” faction but very bad with the “Humanity” faction.

When you finish to choose, you’ll see from the windows a kind of EMP bomb that explode and make your plane crash.
You’ll start in a forest next to what’s left from the plane. You’ll found that “Humanity” send this EMP to start a war against the government and “New specie” used this chaos to send militias to kill non-cyborgs.
You will encounter lot of different places during your trip (small cities, roads, towns, etc.) and you’ll meet animals or peoples that may or may not help you, and may or may not try to kill you.
You’ll found that technology is mostly destroy by the EMP (No train, no more plane, lots of cars disables, no more electricity, etc.) and it’s the chaos outside.

For the gameplay, you’ll have to survive and try to not make “Bad” encounters (at least for the beginning).
You could choose to stay in a forest and survive as long as you could or you could choose to be a part of the war by joining one of the two faction.
Tools using technologies are better but need energies, lot of crafting, could be tracked via an “energy tracker” when they are in use
Primary tools are less powerful but easier to make, and invisible to an “energy tracker”.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks for the giveaway and for your game template!

Well, since your project is really well thought out, my 2 cents:

Somethings not right. You open your eyes, wide. Nightfall seems to have fallen … but … where is outside? You cant seem to locate where you are and where you arent, the smell, which smell, there is no smell. You feel disoriented. Does this make any sense? No it doesn’t.

My goal is to make a kind of Surival Open World Game with MMO elements. I don’t wanna go too deep into details, since I fear my Ideas are so revolutionary…no they arent. I’m just a bit too lazy to type it all out. When time comes you will see the result, until then this makes no sense at all.

Greetings from Germany

I like the idea of giving a free copy for a good story, respect for that, but I honestly question who in his right mind is going to make his great game idea (which he put a lot of time and thought into) public here for everyone to steal, just so MAYBE he can get a free copy of a plugin?

I am going to butt in here before the thread gets derailed. If you don’t want to participate in a community driven concept that the OP is doing out of his own time and pocket then I suggest you rather don’t get involved. I understand you have an opinion and although you feel it may be valid, you are now bordering on derailing the thread and this will force moderators to get involved.

I am going to leave your post, but please don’t derail a thread even if you don’t agree. The OP was not asking a question and is offering a FREE copy of his system (more than just a plugin). Thanks for your understanding.

As the moderators have asked this conversation not to continue I will only respond to this once - but I do want to address it (mods may delete me comment if they feel this is not okay).

I’m not asking people to divulge all information… I’m just trying to make the giveaway a little more interesting than just “retweet to win” to get people into the spirit of things :slight_smile: I can understand your concern, but people don’t need to post everything about their game to make it interesting at all IMO.

Also - just a clarification - the template is definitely a lot more than a plugin :slight_smile: You could easily take the template, add your own art assets, tweak the settings, and come up with a huge variety of survival games… so I feel like asking people to give a tease of their game ideas is more than a fair trade for a free copy. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Title: Oceans Drift

Oceans Drift is a first-person survival experience, that takes the player on an epic immersive journey after the destruction of his submarine by a USSR missile attack. Lost at sea with scanty resources he must survive and return back home to his family.


In 1980 Charlie Parker a U.S. Navy war-hero was on-board a U.S. Submarine carrying out it’s operations in the Arctic Circle.
The submarine was detected as hostile by the USSR and was therefore attacked with 4 torpedo’s.
The American’s were caught unaware of the attack which led to the destruction of the Submarine. Some of the crew men had tried to escape in their escape pod’s but never made it safely to the shore. The cold freezing Arctic water killed the entire submarine crew by hyperthermia.
Charlie Parker’s pod had some how got damaged by an ice berg and surfaced up, on the ocean the rough waves and bad weather threw the pod on a very small deserted island with no food or resources.
Charlie wake’s up to find himself stranded on the island, with just a small box of supplies that contain 3 cans of beans and 2 packets of bacon and a bar of chocolate.
As the day passed by Charlie started exploring the island but had found nothing useful on it as it was very small. As the night passed the weather worsened, It became cold, Charlie managed to sleep under a tree and spend the night. His body temperature kept falling low and the last resources of meat and chocolate saved him from dying.
He started crafting a raft and went on to explore the vast ocean. Living on a raft on an entire vast-open ocean was not easy. Bad weather, heavy rains and rough tide’s accompanied him.
The raft was often threatened by sharks and whales, and after the deplenishment of all his resources Charlie has to catch fish and eat them raw. As day’s passed lost at sea, Charlie came across various small islands in the Atlantic where he find’s new resources and survival equipment, some of these islands were dangerous being habitated by cannibal eating people. Some other islands were strange and of the haunted types.
After spending 90 days lost at sea, with no rescue team on it’s way, Charlie had given up, that’s when his raft came over the mysterious “Bermuda Triangle”. As soon as he was over it, his compass stops working and the tide becomes so calm, the skies become dark with a bright God ray passing through the clouds. Charlie dive’s into the ocean, he explores the depths and finds the ruins of so many ships and planes. He gets back to the raft and the waves get rough, he rows through the raging tides and after crossing the triangle alive the tide gets calm again. After spending another 3 more days at sea, he sees a coast gaurd boat and calls for help. He was then rescued and taken to the Florida coastline where he once again re-unites with his family.


I’m actually working on this video game it’s been 3 months now and I’ve mostly worked on the art. I’m the only developer along with my girlfriend and it’s my dream project. I’m a 19yo who’s learning game development, vfx amd animation at my art institute alongside college. I’m all good wigh the art and level design and environment development.
Not so good in Blueprints and Gameplay programming. So, I’ve been looking out for blueprints to get my project done but haven’t come across any. I’ve planned on buying them from the marketplace too. But they’re too costly for me as I’m just a mere student and don’t have a job or stable income source. So I’m unable to continue on my project.

Just came across this post, so I’m seeing signs of hope. Hope you like my project :)) no problem if you don’t. But we’ll this is my game idea :smiley: good luck to everyone and good luck to you buddy, you’re doing a fantastic job. The system is amazing. Keep it up and cheers, God bless you and have a great day.


E-mail is :

I understand and agree (and this is my last post as well). And I was unfair in my first post, I apologize for that. I think your template is quite interesting, especially the blood part, and I will probably buy it at some point for learning purpose.

So good luck to everyone here, may the best story win. :slight_smile:

Over 850 views and only 3 entries, one of which is from someone who already owns the template :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like, at this point, both the other entries have an easy win coming their way XD One week left if you do want to enter haha.

[CONTEST ENTRY] D. R I F T E R S by F.L. Taylor

[TABLE=“width: 640, align: center”]


I truly appreciate you taking time to read my Contest Entry: D. R I F T E R S. It is a Concept that has been on paper in many forms over the years. It was once a Linear Story, a Interactive Fiction, even a Movie Script. Recently, I realized it has been waiting for UE4, GOLEMCraft, and The Multiplayer Survival Game Template to be brought to life in a Game!

Development: Planning Board (Trello), Discord & Skype.

In my survival game I want the player to build a base of operations. They can then expand that base by securing adjacent properties and extending their walls around the new lot. To secure those lots/properties they have to clear them. When clearing them they might encounter zombies, thugs, survivors, loot, and other players. If they do not secure the lot it can revert to a dangerous location.

The thugs can be killed or scared off. The zombies must be killed. The survivors can be recruited but they may choose to flee instead. The loot will remain regardless and can be looted at any point. What happens when you encounter other players is entirely up to you and those players.

The multiplayer aspect would pit players against each other competing for the resources in the city they need to expand their base. There will be multiple game modes. Each game mode will dictate the win condition for that natch. One mode will specify the winner based on the size of their base when the city is fully cleared. Another would determine the winner based on their advancement in the tech/skill tree. A third will call the winner based on the moral of the survivors in your camp.

The players can start their base in any property in the city. So at the start of a game there will be a mad dash to get the best locations. Each game will randomly generate a city. The buildings will be familiar but the layout may never be the same in 2 games you play.

Vitry Survival Game.
Hi I present to you the design of my game a post-apocalyptic Survival game that situating in a real city modeling nearest to the true apart from the destroyed buildings it will incorporate a geolocation system of the graffiti 'sque you will find in the city Be careful because populated zombies and monsters to reveal only his, the player or players will have to survive in a hostile environment this game will mix inquiry, shoot, crafting. Much more
Here is some screen and the project chain
Vitry Survival Game.
Sorry for my bad english

screen et la chaine du projet

I would talk about my game’s premise , but I want to keep as much of that hidden as possible. I want the player to know nothing about the world around them. I feel that it will really add to the enjoyment and wonder they will experience. They will know just as much of the world around them as their character does.

That being said, I plan to have some standard systems such as crop growing, tree and stone harvesting, crafting and structure building. I am also working on a job system of sorts. Players can take on bounties created by other players. They can be take on a job role and sell their goods such as black smithing, leather working, cooking, etc. Fishing will be added if I can ever figure out a nice way to implement it.

Hi @apoisonedgift,

First of all, love the idea of making this a more creative giveaway and maybe even giving you ideas for future features for the template :).

Here’s my idea of my first survival game:

Story: **

The year is 2030 on Earth and you play as “Ian” a retired middle-aged military vet who just came back from his last tour. As he goes back home to his native rural home in Georgia he can’t help but think of all the conflicts that have errupted in the past decade as resouces on Earth become more and more scarce.

People in 2030 are almost 100% reliant on technology to do even the most menial jobs. Things like cooking and driving are automated and people dont even have the basic skills to cook a meal or even hold a normal conversation.

Upon arriving in Georgia he gets a plot of land and decides that he wants to live off the grid being as self-reliant as possible. Ian is convinced that soon, resources on Earth will become so scarce that most people will be unable to maintain their lifestyles.

Everyday he works on getting better at farming, hunting, and gathering resources for the eventual collapse. People around him dismiss him as an old crazy army vet and openly mock him. The town people are mostly good-hearted and treat him with pity.

One day it is discovered that an asteriod is heading to Earth and very little can be done to stop it. What its worse - there is not much time to prepare. Humanity looks upon its final weeks in dismay. Some panic and start rioting, others embrace their destiny and wait for their deadh with open arms, and a few brace for impact and prepare for the long, hard road to survival.

The day arrives and the asteroid hits in middle America, wiping most of the western coast and crop lands. Millions die instantly, and even more people die in the coming weeks.

After the dust settles the remaining survivors realize that they are competing against each other for resources in this hostile environment. Groups immediately form and anarchy rules.

Ian now has to survive against a harsh environment with little resources, defend its land and supplies, and even make the hard choices of who to help and who to let go…

Core Gameplay Elements:

Part I

The game will be divided into two distinct halfs - the first part will be focused on resource gathering and skill building. Farming, hunting, crafting better recipes, buying weapons and ammo.

Key Elements: Needs such as hunger and thirst take a back seat to more skill-based activities. The character will level up various stats to improve certain activities that the Player feels will be best for survival once the asteroid hits. Do you become a better hunter or farmer? With a limited amount of skill points, do you go down the Arms tree to get better at shooting, or the Survival tree to last longer without food and water?

Part II

The asteroid wipes out most farm land and anarchy rules the day.

Key Elements: Randomly spawning resource nodes like lumber, fish, water, food allow the player to roam the land every day to find resources. Player must defend its land from other desperate people trying to steal his resources. Does he stay home and protect his supplies or go out and gather more resources? With the limited supply of food and water, does he spend energy farming for a chance at new crops, or simply save his energy and wait things out (less food needed).

Does the player rob other people’s houses or mug them for resouces or take the honorable way and scour the land for them?

The Player will also be allowed (and eventually need) to form a group. Who does he accept into his land? Do you help the starving mother with her young child? - She is weak and less capable or do you accept the hardened military guy?

The player has to manage his resources, his group’s needs, while going against the harsh environment and other similar groups.

EDIT: Since this template is already multiplayer-ready, I would then have groups of people compete against each other to survive :slight_smile:

Some very nice entries :slight_smile: Today is the last day for anyone else who wants to enter to get a free copy of the template (see OP for details). Good luck!

Okay guys! The giveaway has now closed! The OP will be updated momentarily to reflect this! I was expecting a few more entries haha, but I can understand peoples concerns with sharing story details and such too :slight_smile:

Regardless… 9 entries isn’t bad! And I’m feeling generous so I will give 3 copies of the template away…

So without further delay… the three winners of the Multiplayer Survival Game Template are:


Please all check your PMs as you will have a PM coming shortly!

Thanks to everyone who entered, all the ideas were great. Please don’t take the fact that I didn’t pick your idea as an indication that I don’t like your idea - these are just the three that jumped out to me the most. I will also just take this moment to announce that, as of tomorrow (March 1st) the Multiplayer Survival Game Template will be going on sale for 25% for two weeks! For more details you can check out the latest post in the official thread over here.

Thanks again to everyone who entered! And best of luck to all in developing the ideas further!

Thank you so much!! This is really going to be helpful, and I’m definitely going to stay in touch with you and show you my game progress! :slight_smile: Great job buddy!!

Thanks again for selecting my idea @apoisonedgift! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Wow. This is really amazing! The contest was really fun. Other Marketplace Vendors/Content Providers should take notes. I sincerely appreciate this Gift and intend to put the MSGT to great use. I wish everyone the best on their Open World Survival Game Projects.