GitHub preview build update thread!

Hello engine developers!

We’ll update this thread when new “preview build” snapshots of the engine are pushed up to GitHub.

You can always find the latest preview build here:

Even though source changes stream live to Git, dependency binaries are snapshotted for specific builds and uploaded after our QA teams have done some basic testing first. This is still sort of a manual process for us, so we’re only able to push up QA-tested builds a few times every week, but eventually we want the frequency to increase!

Remember to use the ‘git checkout latest-preview’ command to sync to the ‘latest-preview’ tag. This will ensure that your code matches the dependency binaries in the zip files, and that you’re using the version of the engine that our QA team has tested.

Latest preview build was updated to CL 2063134.

The latest preview build has been updated to changelist 2069788.

Can the mods please sticky this thread?

Yup if we could get a sticky that would be awesome :). Likely RC0 come out before the weekend? or an update preview? (mainly for updated binaries)

Hi enlight and KRushin,

I went ahead and stickied this thread. It certainly makes a lot of sense to have this thread easily accessible.

The latest preview build has been updated to changelist 2082646.

Apologies for the big gap since the last snapshot - I’ve just updated the latest preview build to changelist 2102880.

The latest preview build has been updated to changelist 2111327.

But it says 4 days ago?

We tag and upload binaries for builds that are verified by our QA department and promoted to our art and design teams. There’s a degree of latency while that happens; our build farm makes a build and performs a number of automated tests, then the QA team download it and manually test it, then I update the binaries and upload the zips to GitHub. In this case, changelist 2111327 was submitted late last Thursday night, approved by QA mid-afternoon on Friday, and I got to it this morning.

Does this include the new AO method and the blueprint redirect nodes?

Head revision in master now includes source for libraries in the ThirdParty folder, rather than relying on the source being in the dependency zips.

If you’re checking out the head revision rather than the latest-preview tag, you may need to merge your .gitignore and be wary of any differences with zips from the latest-preview release.

Wait, I have no idea what any of the above means :confused:

That wasn’t an answer to your question (I don’t know the answer to that, but I’ve asked people that might), I just posted moments after you on a completely different topic. :slight_smile:

The binaries required for GitHub always match the commit labeled with the ‘latest-preview’ tag. If you’re checking out head (which is always newer than latest-preview), you need to be careful that it now includes source that used to be in the zips.

Oh :slight_smile:

Wait, which binaries and what is ‘head’ :confused:

Specifically, what “blueprint redirect nodes” are you asking about?

‘HEAD’ is the name given to the most recent commit in Git. Git is designed for source code and doesn’t have a standard way of handling large binary files, but the engine needs things like third party static libraries to build. We periodically label a commit with the ‘latest-preview’ tag and upload the zip files containing binaries needed for that commit to our GitHub latest preview release page. Because it takes time for a build of the engine to be QA tested and tagged, the HEAD revision on GitHub can get much further ahead by the time we finish uploading the zips. It might still work, but there’s no guarantee, and we recommend that people get the version tagged latest-preview rather than HEAD.

Uh, this is hard to describe and I can’t find the picture. Basically instead of connecting from pin to pin directly you could drag from the pin on the background and create a new pin there from which you can make new connections, to organize all those lines

Aha! The “Reroute” nodes! Yeah those should be in with this.