Git and Unreal Engine 5

Hey folks,

I wanted to try if Git is suitable for an Unreal Engine 5 team project. I did a test where I uploaded the whole demo content “Valley of the ancient” into a single Git repository, so I pushed 75 GB in a single commit. It worked! I used Azure Devops, because there is no limit on LFS storage and Anchorpoint as a Desktop client.

I also made a video about it:

What I really like about UE5 is that changes are stored on the actor level. This means that the first commit, which is uploading all the assets, is pretty heavy but all other changes (in the video I moved and duplicated rocks) are pretty lightweight, so your size of each following commit is very small.

I have not done a full production with it yet…but I could do that in the future.

Hope you enjoy that video. In general, I can help you out in any questions regarding UE5 in combination with Git.

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