Giant environment

How to make a game like this:
My character should be tiny as an insect and the sorroundings should be relatively big.
I’m not a modeller so I use marketplace contents. Any suggestion be appreciated.

The only way to have good performance is to make your own models. You’ll need to either scale the character down or scale the objects up.
because of floating point precision scaling UP is probably always better then scaling down.

you can scale items in engine, but it takes more resources then it otherwise would with a 1:1 model.
especially when to go from the normal scale to something that makes you think you are an insect your scales will probably be upwards of 100…

If you shrink your character down there are physics and lighting gotchas to deal with. I don’t remember all the specifics, but the question has come up before, so search on keywords: large-worlds / origin-rebasing to find discussions. There are more catches when you’re using the Character / CMC versus making your own custom space game iirc. If you leave the scale alone however, UE4 is pretty resilient at dealing with large levels (generally better without landscapes). There’s origin-rebasing if you really need to go huge, just so long as your game isn’t multiplayer…