Ghosting While Moving

Having the same issue with “Ghosting while moving”. Anyone know a solution to this which works? No powerpoint redirects please, haha.

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Try and set your TAA to FXAA in the render settings.

I expierienced the same with concrete textures:

Any solution guys? Bump*

A common thing with TAA is slight ghosting/blur on moving characters and objects. In the Editor Settings under Rendering change the type of AA to FXAA if you are using an nVidia card or SMAA (if it’s still there). TAA is nice but at the same time is has some downfalls.

Hmmm… still doesn’t fix it.

Ghosting is also caused by DFAO. Make sure it your SkyLight is set to Static or Stationary.

so to fix a rendering bug one must stop using [the more advanced] of the engine’s rendering features? :eek:

Hey folks, i’d just like to chime in here (and on other similar posts ive found) in case it helps someone else (as i also tried finding a solution to this).

TLDR: Upgrade / Downgrade your nVidia drivers until you find a version that does NOT produce ghosting. Good for devs? Yes. Bad for end player / customers, as you have to “force them” to use a certain driver version to run your game as intended? Yes…
516.59 = Zero ghosting
527.56 = Extreme ghosting

For me, i had EXTREME ghosting, i’m talking 2 centimeters (real life scale on my monitor) of ghosting from a mountain in the distance against the horizon).

I knew this was peculiar, because i had only noticed it after i built the game my first time, and checked my old dev footage and didnt notice any ghosting at all.

Re-recorded a snippet, to see if it appears in footage, and yes it did.

So what was changed after a long hectic workday where its easy to lose track?

  1. Installed Visual Studio 2022
  2. Installed new nVidia drivers

Yes, it was the new nVidia drivers.
Previous drivers 516.59 = Zero ghosting, even when moving the camera fast.
New drivers 527.56 = Extreme ghosting. Nothing else changed, no nvidida settings changed.