ghosting, TAA aaliasing problem when redner alembic animation

hi sorry for my english this is a translator…
I make animation with ue5+lumen and blender
when render anmation (alembic cahce )
my animation looks like blurry at time 00:00~ 00:17 second and ghosting

i ghost
It seems to happen when the hidden part comes out. and, it just happens sometimes. like
00:15~00:17 when dog going up slide

render seetting
lumen gathering 4, 4 TAAaliasing motiong blur off movie render que
spital 1 ? temporal 1? maybe… 00: 00 ~ 00: 17

In the case of txaa 00:17 ~ end
character blur is bit better but new problem shiney floor and more ghosting

i searching many fourm and ask question my school community but had no something to fix it

I’m still learning Unreal so I don’t know much about lighting and rendering etc. I would like to seek advice from smart guys thank you for watch my Questions and please save me …
have a good day!